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Find an allied health professional

There are hundreds of  allied health professionals in the Brisbane South PHN region who can support your patients’ needs.  To locate an allied health professional, either follow the links below or use the National Health Services Directory (NHSD).

Find an accredited exercise physiologist
Find an accredited practising dietitian
Find an audiologist
Find a chiropractor
Find a credentialed diabetes educator (CDE)
Find a dentist
Find a lymphoedema therapist – lymphoedema treatment facilities and resources directory or accredited lymphoedema practitioners in Brisbane
Find an occupational therapist (OT)
Find an optometrist
Find an orthotist/ prosthetist
Find an osteopath
Find a physiotherapist
Find a podiatristFind a psychologist
Find a social worker
Find a speech pathologist

If you are an allied health professional and would like your information included on the NHSD, more information can be find at The National Health Services Directory for Allied Health brochure.