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Brisbane South PHN works with a variety of providers to deliver services across the region.

The process

With the objective of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of services for patients, Brisbane South PHN has taken a commissioning approach to planning and procuring health services.  Brisbane South PHN’s contracting strategy factors in the following components:

  • Managing Risks
  • Managing Relationships
  • Managing Resources
  • Specifying contractor responsibilities  and;
  • Achieving Value for Money

Organisations identified for funding are responsible for ensuring:

  • Brisbane South PHN’s funding agreement terms and conditions are met; and
  • Contracted activities are successfully and efficiently managed in accordance with activity requirements.


Brisbane South PHN requests various certification from all contracted organisations. The required information is outlined on a due diligence form which is attached or contained within the agreement. The required certification depends on the services being contracted. For example, mental health providers must have professional and public indemnity, be a proven registered provider, and may need to have proof of cultural awareness training/suicide training/child mental health training. This information must be provided before an agreement can be fully executed.

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