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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing

Expressions of interest now closed


Brisbane South Primary Health Network (BSPHN) is inviting tenders from eligible organisations to deliver Social and Emotional Wellbeing Programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our region from 2016/17 to 2018/19 funded via mental health, alcohol and other drug and suicide prevention programs. BSPHN has identified a range of priorities based on a needs assessment and consultation with community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service providers using the ‘Investment Logic’ Approach. Priorities include:

  • Improve and fund coordination of care planning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Conduct  population screening for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to identify Mental Health (MH), Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD), Suicide Prevention (SP) and physical health needs
  • Evolve models for, and grow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led community ‘healing hubs’ (therapeutic and cultural)
  • Enhance access to specialist services (including acute/complex)
  • Expand service design/delivery beyond 9am to 5pm

The direction of BSPHN funding priorities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing services was largely determined through a collaborative consultation methodology with local service providers and health and hospital service representatives. BSPHN believe that the proposed commissioning approach is the best way to ensure that the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sector is central to designing and implementing service models that best meet the needs of the communities they serve. BSPHN will be holding a market briefing on the Thursday, 10th November 4pm – 5pm at the BSPHN office to answer any questions that you may have about the process. To find out more details about this event (parking, address) please register at

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can you elaborate on what you mean by co-design?

A1. BSPHN wishes to build on the consultation processes undertaken to date. Further, we wish to use a co-design process throughout February and March to work with providers, and ensure that geographies and services providers are aligned. The co-design process will also be used to refine the aspects of proposed service models (e.g. healing hubs).

Q2. How much detail is required in relation to budgeted costs given that it is submitted prior to the co-design process?

A2. While acknowledging that some costing may need to be refined as a result of the co-design process, responses should include informed assumptions about salary and operating costs associated with the delivery of service models for identified client groups.

Q3. Is there any scope for Collaborative tenders?

A3. Yes. And we would absolutely encourage such an approach where appropriate.

NOTE: if you are interested in publicising your interest in forming a partnership via this Expression of Interest site, please email and we will add your organisation’s name under  “Organisations interested in partnering opportunities”.

Q4. Further detail on the workforce development aspect of the tender

A4. While we encourage responses for parts of the funding or for the available funding as a whole, please consider which aspects of workforce development could be most efficiently delivered collaboratively.