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Postnatal Home Visiting Service

Postnatal home visiting logoBrisbane South PHN and Metro South Hospital and Health Service (MSHHS) deliver a Postnatal Home Visiting Service offering midwife visits at two and four weeks post birth, to all mothers living in the Metro South region.

How does the service work?

Mothers of new babies are offered a home visit when they ‘check in’ at the hospital to give birth. The visit provides:

  • general health and wellbeing
  • post natal check
  • baby physical assessment
  • feeding support
  • parenting strategies
  • advice on local community support.

The timing of these visits (at two weeks and four weeks post birth) is intended to continually support and provide direction to new parents post discharge.

Along with this visit, the service provides perinatal support and opportunities for improved child health and wellbeing literacy amongst all parents.

All parents receive:

  • SMS message reminders for the Well Baby Check and immunisations at two, four, six and 12 months.

Out of catchment deliveries

Mothers who reside in the Brisbane South PHN region but birth outside the region are able to access this program via a referral form from their birthing hospital.

Linking mums and bubs into primary care

A significant focus of the service is to ensure the primary care (GPs, local child health service and/or obstetrician and paediatrician) are linked to improve continuity of care within the perinatal period.

Team contact

For further information regarding the Postnatal Home Visiting Service please contact Ruth Wall via 1300 467 265 or

Perinatal depression/anxiety

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Child health and wellbeing

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