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Maternity Shared Care

BSPHN partners with local obstetric facilities to deliver focused, relevant education to GPs to update them on current screening and management of common conditions in the antenatal period. Like many aspects of clinical care, there are evolving, evidence-driven changes to common practice. This program, modelled on the successful Mater Mothers’ Hospital Alignment, seeks to bridge this gap.

What can GPs expect from this training?

Attendees work in small groups on case discussions with expert commentary and feedback to the broader group. Cases include the use of medication in pregnancy, particularly around antidepressants, antihypertensives, vaccination and hyperemesis. Presentations by local experts include nuchal translucency scans and combined first trimester screening, obesity in pregnancy, update of diabetes in pregnancy and use of the pregnancy health record.

PowerPoint presentations from previous Maternity Shared Care training sessions are available below as resources.



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