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Alcohol and Other Drugs Program

Informed by the Final Report from the National Ice Taskforce, the Department of Health has provided funding to PHN Brisbane South to support commissioning of drug and alcohol treatment activities.

The specific activities that PHN Brisbane South is funded to deliver include:

  • address the demand for access to drug and alcohol treatment through needs based and targeted planning in response to the changes needs of the community
  • support region specific, cross sectoral, and integrated approaches to drug and alcohol treatment services based on the needs of clients locally, and focused on improving care coordination at the local level
  • facilitate and support evidence-based treatment for clients using a range of substances, as well as flexible and stepped care models tailored to individual need and stage of change
  • promote linkages with broader health and support services, including mental health services, to better support integrated/coordination treatment and referral pathways to support clients with comorbid mental health disorders
  • to ensure targeted and culturally appropriate drug and alcohol treatment services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people which link to broader Indigenous health services
  • to promote quality improvement approaches and support primary health professionals and specialists through education and training.

For additional information, please contact the Alcohol and Other Drugs, MHAOD Program Coordinator via

Brisbane South PHN is partnering with the following organisations:



Queensland Network of Alcohol and Other Drugs Agencies (QNADA)

The Brisbane South Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Collaborative is part of a broader response to identified AOD investment needs within the Brisbane South Primary Health Network catchment. Collaborative members are representatives of specialist non-government and government AOD services in the Brisbane South region. Members work together to identify, advise, recommend and plan activities to meet regional needs. The Collaborative is a mechanism to reduce barriers and issues facing clients, families, friends and carers seeking AOD support in the Brisbane South region.

The collaborative aims to:

  • facilitate sharing of information, expertise and consensus among Brisbane South AOD services and external partners
  • strengthen  the capacity of the AOD workforce within the Brisbane South region
  • strengthen cross-sector capability in regards to the appropriate treatment and referral of clients experiencing AOD issues.

The collaborative’s activities are funded by Brisbane South PHN and facilitated by the Queensland Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (QNADA).

To find out more about QNADA click here.


Queensland Injectors Health Network (QuIHN)

QuIHN provides a FREE statewide service for those who have current or past drug and alcohol use or those whose lives are impacted by drug and alcohol use including the Redlands and Island areas. Services include:

  • counselling
  • case Management
  • group work: Dual diagnosis and parenting
  • significant other support.

Services are accessible in most suburbs in the Redland, North Stradbroke Island and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (Russell and Macleay) on an outreach basis including, where appropriate, home visits.

Services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the family and can focus on:

  • drug use and mental health concerns
  • motivational support to reduce or quit substance use
  • relapse prevention and management
  • referral into other specialist services such as detox and rehabilitation
  • issues associated with past trauma and abuse
  • parenting
  • support for significant others/carers if someone affected by substance use.

Groups include:

  • Treehouse Parenting group is a 10-week programme for parents who may or may not have their children currently in their care and who want to build and strengthen relationships with their children. (Current group dates: 19 July – 20 September, Wellington Point Community Hall).
  • MAISE is a psycho-educational support group for people who are interested in learning more about their own substance use: Harm reduction, reducing or stopping, relapse prevention).

More groups will be run by QuIHN depending on demand in the future.

To access QuIHN services, you need to be at least 18 years old and:

  • be currently impacted by current or past drug or alcohol use
  • thinking about making a change to your substance use- e.g.: seeking support for reducing or stopping use,  detox and/or rehabilitation)
  • not thinking about changing  your current use but seeking support to take care and use substances safely (harm reduction)
  • would like support to prevent relapse
  • would like education and support because a family member is using alcohol or other substances.

To access support please phone 07 3620 8111 or visit QuIHN’s website.

Lives Lived Well

Lives Lived Well

Establish Grow Enhance Services

Establish Grow Enhance Services currently offer services in Beenleigh and Beaudesert. Lives Lived Well is a long-term provider of evidence supported community and residential-based Alcohol and Other Drug (AoD), dual diagnosis, youth, adult and family support services across Queensland. Specialised staff engage and assist individuals who are struggling with alcohol and substance use and co-existing mental health issues, to reduce harm, aid recovery, prevent relapse and bring about positive change in their life.

Life Back, Life on Track is a region-wide service, using a stepped care model, incorporating AoD counselling, post-rehabilitation support, relapse prevention, case management, care planning and care coordination for clients with methamphetamine dependence, dual diagnosis and complex needs.

To access support visit Lives Lived Well’s website at

Logan House

Logan House is a Residential Program underpinned by ‘Community as Method’ concepts. The program is based on a stepped care model and incorporates several evidence informed modalities in addressing the issues of substance dependence, mental illness, complex needs and social exclusion. The service offers a program of varying duration and intensity based on the presenting need including modified programs that are suited specifically to the individual. The program is highly structured and provides life skills programs consisting of education for basic health and hygiene, self-esteem, emotional regulation, communication skills, relapse prevention, stress management, and a sports/activity program. Treatment includes group work, one on one therapy and access to specialist services from other agencies.

Referral criteria

Logan House caters to a varied demographic, mixed gender, aged 18 and over. You do not need a referral to stay at Logan House but service providers are welcome to utilise the Online Referral Form (service provider or personal enquiry) on the link below to assist in the application process. For inquiries about the program, phone on 1300 727 957 or send an email to

Do-IT Program (Drug Offender Intervention Treatment)

Targets clients who are inmates at Arthur Gorrie Remand Centre, and who have an alcohol and drug history in the context of their criminal conduct.  The program provides a treatment program within the custodial setting, to assist with recovery from substance misuse, and be consistent with current needs and life circumstances.  The program assists clients to develop a relapse prevention plan and make changes in their lifestyle and drug use when released from prison. Referrals are made through the programs officer at Arthur Gorrie Remand Centre.

Improved Services Program

Seeks to expand support, and increase ease of transition in and out of appropriate drug and alcohol treatment programs for clients in the Brisbane South region.  The project outcomes are to ensure a client’s journey is seamless and matched to their needs, no matter at what point or service they seek to access treatment options.  Lives Lived Well seeks to continuously improve their capacity to provide high-quality alcohol and drug treatment services to support clients who also have co-existing mental health issues and other complex needs.  Lives Lived Well also constantly seeks to build service and sector capacity through improved co-ordination of services in the Brisbane South region through a range of service partnerships and active local community collaboration.

Visit for further information or online enquiry, or contact us 1300 727 957.

Mater Hospital

Mater Hospital

CHAMP stands for Continuity of care by Health Professionals attending Alcohol and drug problems and meeting Mothers needs for Positive family outcomes.

The CHAMP service provides antenatal and postnatal care for pregnant women who:

  • are not able to stop using recreational substance
  • have stopped recreational substance use but are at risk of relapse
  • are substance dependant
  • are on opioid replacement therapies
  • are wanting to stop or reduce smoking
  • who are taking prescription based medication such as opiates or SSRIs.

The service is run by a Clinical Midwifery Consultant and a Clinical Midwife who are specialized in the area of substance use.

It provides a supportive and safe environment for pregnant women which includes:

  • midwife antenatal check ups
  • access to specialist doctors if needed
  • health education
  • alcohol and drug interventions
  • relapse prevention support
  • social worker support
  • referral to other health and support services
  • early discharge planning.

There is no direct link however staff can be contacted by emailing or phoning 07 3163 2417.

The Mater brochures website has an information brochure on the service and other brochures on the different substances in pregnancy.

Drug Arm

Drug Arm

Community and Family Support Service

The Community and Family Support Service (CAFSS) program provides a structured brief intervention program for individuals and their significant others (SOs) in addressing substance use and related issues. The program offers clients support, assessment, interventions and referrals.  It provides a referral options for clients with low-moderate levels of complexity, as well as support for clients leaving residential rehabilitation or detox facilities and clients engaged with probation and parole.

The CAFSS program is delivered using a recovery framework and bio-psychosocial harm minimisation approach to create sustainable change.

Treatment episodes usually consist of 12 weekly one-hour sessions

Referral criteria

  • currently experiencing difficulties due to their own or a loved one’s alcohol or drug use
  • live in the Brisbane or Ipswich catchment areas
  • are 16 years old or over

Contact the Central Intake by phoning 07 3620 8880 or visiting

Click here to download the Drug Arm Guide to Programs and Services for Health and Community Service Professionals and Agencies

Improved Services Initiative

Improved Services Initiative

The Improved Services Initiative is an internally focused program that ensures that quality, compliance and risk management standards inform practice and service delivery.  The program reviews alignment with national practice standards and guidelines, with a particular focus on cultural sensitivity and addressing specific target groups that may otherwise experience difficulty accessing and engaging in treatment.  The review of standards informs activities in workforce capability development.  Included in the program is the continued facilitation of consumer participation processes and client engagement in systems development, planning, and program review.

Anglicare Southern Queensland

Anglicare Southern Queensland

Anglicare Southern Queensland’s Amend (Assisting Mothers End the Need for Drugs) Program provides, per annum, 18-sessions of a CBT based Relapse Prevention and Parenting Enhancement (RPPE) program in the home to N=120 pregnant and parenting women who experience problems related to their substance use or dual diagnosis. The program is able to provide support and referral to their immediate family members in order to maximise outcomes for women and their children.

Per annum, the Caring for Kids (CFK) program delivers up to 18 sessions of trauma and attachment informed counselling, support and referral to N=20 children and young people aged 0-18 affected by a parent’s or significant other’s substance abuse. Services may be delivered individually or in a group setting. The program has a strong attachment parenting focus for children under the age of 4.

Access to Service

Access to all the Amend and CFK program services is via a phone call to our Intake and Assessment Team where an initial intake assessment is conducted with the client to identify the most appropriate service to meet their needs. Please call the following number to make an appointment: 1300 114 397.

If the client is eligible for the Amend program they will be contacted directly by an Amend counsellor who will organise a suitable time to conduct a home-visit and a comprehensive initial assessment of client needs. The client is then enrolled in the Amend or CFK program and will see their counsellor weekly for 1 hour or as required over 18 sessions of the relevant program.

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